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About our range


In our espresso category you will find a large selection of coffees that are ideal for fully automatic machines, stovetop pots and portafilters. It is particularly important to us that the origin, the processing and the terroir in which the coffee plants grow are reflected in the cup. We deliberately don't roast our coffee too dark, so that the fantastic characteristics of our green coffee are preserved. Whether it's a strong espresso for the cappuccino or a single variety and deliberately light roast - you'll find what you're looking for.


Our heart beats particularly for our filter coffees. Deliberately light(er) roasted to emphasize the incredible variety of flavors that is in each and every one of our fantastic specialty coffees. A nice balance between exciting acids, experimental processing and the terroir is always particularly important to us. All coffees are ideal for preparation with the V60, Chemex, Aeropress, French Press or the classic filter coffee machine.


Here you will find the best specialty coffees from seasonal harvests and the most exotic coffee varieties, of which we only buy small quantities. Clear in taste and with exceptional flavor profiles that are the result of excellence throughout the process.

Premium Picks

In our Premium Picks category you will find uncompromisingly the world's best coffee lots that we can find. These usually always include absolute competition lots (World Barista Championships, World Brewers Cup), Cup of Excellence winners and geishas produced in a wide variety of processing methods by our long-standing cooperation partners in Panama, from whom we source directly: the Hacienda La Esmeralda, Lamastus Elida Estate , Finca Deborah, Lerida Estate or Savage Coffee and many more! Strictly limited. Consciously and only lightly roasted as a filter to particularly emphasize the breathtaking aromas of the green coffee.